Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Today the five non-FOTA teams are due to meet with the FOTA eight. Max Mosley has said that FOTA can only shape the F1 regulations with the support of all the teams.
The five non-FOTA teams should sign up to FOTA as soon as possible. It is ridiculous to have a FOTA organisation with eight teams only out of thirteen. A unified FOTA gets results. Look at what happened earlier this year re: winner takes all system. A breakaway was never feasible with Williams remaining in the FIA Formula One World Championship. Alongside McLaren and Ferrari they are the most important team in the championship. They need to get back into FOTA to help shape the rules.
Max and Bernie knew they were on to something when they still had Williams in their championship but if Williams had stuck with FOTA throughout the breakaway would have been a bigger threat.
I hope the breakaway still doesn’t happen. It is imperative that Williams and Force India along with Manor, Campos and USF1 join FOTA as soon as possible. When this happens all breakaway rumours should cease and FOTA can shape the rules.